Specialty Items

Having served customers with so many different needs over the last 126 years, Wilbur has developed a line of specialty products for use in a variety of ways.

Fountain Chocolate - Available in wafers. Ideal for any application requiring a very low viscosity.

  • Tambora™ milk chocolate
    • Cocoa butter-based milk fountain chocolate made with vanilla that requires no additional oil; simply melt and use.
    • Color: medium
    • Viscosity: 45

Chocolate Liquor

  • R815 African liquor
    • Non-alkalized, medium roast chocolate liquor.
    • Available in wafers.
  • H365 Reo liquor
    • High roast, non-alkalized African liquor.  
    • Available in 10 lb. blocks or wafers.

Chocolate Duet™ - Formulated with cocoa powder and chocolate liquor, this powdered mix provides optimal color and flavor.

  • Chocolate Notes
    • Chocolate impact with strong fruity flavor made with natural cocoa powder. 
  • Fruit Notes
    • Strong chocolate impact made with natural cocoa powder.
  • Fudge Notes
    • Nice fudgy flavor due to lightly alkalized cocoa powder. 

Specialty Products

  • Peanut Butter Melt
    • Originally developed for use in automatic moulding applications, this smooth and creamy product is the ideal choice for one-shot depositors or as a ready-to-use center for any creative confection. 
    • Available in 50 lb. pails.