Specialty Items

Having served customers with so many different needs over the last 126 years, Wilbur has developed a line of specialty products for use in a variety of ways.

Fountain Chocolate - Available in wafers. Ideal for any application requiring a very low viscosity.

  • Tambora™ milk chocolate
    • Cocoa butter-based milk fountain chocolate made with vanilla that requires no additional oil; simply melt and use.
    • Color: medium
    • Viscosity: 45

Chocolate Liquor

  • R815 African liquor
    • Non-alkalized, medium roast chocolate liquor.
    • Available in wafers.
  • H365 Reo liquor
    • High roast, non-alkalized African liquor.
    • Available in 10 lb. blocks or wafers.

Chocolate Duet™ - Formulated with cocoa powder and chocolate liquor, this powdered mix provides optimal color and flavor.

  • Chocolate Notes
    • Chocolate impact with strong fruity flavor made with natural cocoa powder. 
  • Fruit Notes
    • Strong chocolate impact made with natural* cocoa powder.
  • Fudge Notes
    • Nice fudgy flavor due to lightly alkalized cocoa powder.

Specialty Products

  • Peanut Butter Melt
    • Originally developed for use in automatic moulding applications, this smooth and creamy product is the ideal choice for one-shot depositors or as a ready-to-use center for any creative confection. 
    • Available in 50 lb. pails.



*FDA has not defined natural. Contact Cargill for source and processing information.

Some Cargill products are only approved for use in certain geographies, end uses, and/or at certain usage levels. It is the customer's responsibility to determine, for a particular geography, that (i) the Cargill product, its use and usage levels, (ii) the customer's product and its use, and (iii) any claims made about the customer's product, all comply with applicable laws and regulations.